Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on email Email We are all getting a handle on this thing called ‘life’. Just like the game, how you handle your finances can make or break your success as an adult. Most of us are leaving college and starting out our early years with debt we accumulated from school. Lifestyle inflation takes over because, why continue to live off of eating nothing but Ramen if you don’t have to? For me, it wasn’t just my grocery bill that went up. The car that I had (which was completely paid-off by the way, not cool) called it quits only six months after I got it, so I panic bought a 2017 Ford Escape and took out another $17k in loans. Navigating your finances as a young adult is… uncomfortable. You aren’t panicking like you were in college, but you are far from comfortable. The goal is to become comfortable, and that takes time. The beginning to a successful, comfortable life starts when you are young.The younger you are when you start to financially plan your future, the better off you will be when it counts. Here are the best money apps Young Professionals need! Here are the must-need to succeed money apps for young professionals. Mint Keep track of all of your finances in one place! Mint keeps track of where all of your money is- your debts, investments and cash. It will even show you your credit score, give you updates when you have an upcoming bill and allow you to set financial goals. If you really want to see where you spend your money- and I mean all of it- Mint will break down every cent you spend.Sign up for Mint here. GetUpside This app gives you cash back at the pump. Not only that, if you refer a friend and they use the app, you will continue to earn money off of them every time they go to the pump! The average cash back you get with the app is about $0.15/gal, but if you use the app consistently, you can see some savings stack up! After three months of using it, I had $12.00 saved. Not much, but it will definitely pay for a lunch out! Download GetUpside here!  Ibotta Link your cards and pay in the app to get cashback on all of your everyday purchases! This app allows you to save coupons for later, too! Scroll though the app before you go shopping and BOOM! Savings baby! Sign up for Ibotta here!  Steady The Steady app is a one-stop-shop for savers, job hunters, side hustlers and financial planners. The goal of the Steady app is to educate a new generation on financial wellness. To do this, the app prompts you to take control of your financial situation. Everything from investing education to job boards can be found on the Steady app. Sign up for Steady here!  Clarity Money I love movies and TV. There is nothing better than finding that movie you have been wanting to show your partner on an obscure subscription service. And the best part?! The subscription is only $2.99/month! You won’t even feel it when it is charged! Then the inevitable happens. You forget that you even used the subscription to watch that one movie four months ago. A $2.99 movie suddenly turns into a $12 movie before you blink. Clarity Money keeps track of all of the subscriptions you pay for each month. All you have to do is link your credit and debit cards and suddenly you know where you are subscribed. Then you can see where you want to cut back and what services you want to keep. Sign up for Clarity Money here!  Acorns Ok, if you haven’t seen Ashton Kutcher in an ad on YouTube talking about this app… where have you been? In all seriousness, it is a great app. Especially for young people. Investing sounds like such a big, scary, untouchable concept for newbies. This app easily gets you started. Any purchase you make, it rounds it up to the next dollar by linking your debit cards to the app. This way, you are constantly investing little-by-little. You can choose to set a cap on how much you invest each week. As your income grows, you can choose to make your investing cap larger and larger. But the starter has about $5 each week taken form spare change in their account.There is even a chance to split up your spare change and start investing for your future children!You can sign up for Acorns here.  So that’s it! The money apps Young Professionals need!No matter where you are in your professional or financial journey, there is an app out there for you. Remember, it is important to speak to a financial advisor to see what your best plan of action is. Although it may seem like you are lifetimes away from your financial goals, there is a support system out there for you to keep you on track. Who knows?! It just may come in the form of an app! Want more young professional advice? Check out these blog posts:Find Your Niche at WorkOvercome Rejection as a Young Professional