This easy and fun DIY project will save you hundreds In my last few apartments I never had bar stools. I always wanted to get some but I never pulled the trigger because they are too expensive. The stools I found usually ran $100-350 and, to be honest, they weren’t my taste at all. I would spend HOURS scrolling through Facebook Marketplace trying to find something that was affordable, yet beautiful.  I suppose I don’t have the magical Facebook Marketplace touch that a lot of my friends do because I was never able to find something that I loved.  So I started to think of some ways I could make my own stools while staying on a budget. I wanted to make stools that can move a grow with me. I only try to purchase items for my home that I can use for years to come.That means I need to make sure the pieces I bring into my home will be able to transition with the times and the many homes to come. I came across a Tik Tok video of a girl making a DIY bench for her dining room table. I though that would be such a great seating option since the island in my apartment is super long. I have always wanted a benches at my kitchen table, but the bench seemed like it could work at my island and then be taken to my next home.My boyfriend suggested making two benches for mobility purposes and now I am OBSESSED with how it turned out! This is how we made two custom bar top benches that are a perfect fit for my new island for less than $50.00!   Measure Your Bar Top The first thing you need to do when working on these stools is to measure your bar top. Record how high, long and wide you want to make them. Our measurements were 1 foot wide, 3 feet long and 2 feet tall. Add up all your measurements and go buy some 2x4s from your nearest hardware store! Get Your Materials Previous Next For this project, you will need: wood glue caulking wood nails/screws paint sanders a saw. We already had some paint, a saw, sanders and we were even able to find some paint. So that meant all we had to buy in addition to the wood was wood glue, caulking and nails.  See what you have around your house or apartment and ask your family and friends if they have anything else. You just may be able to get everything for free!  Our total for materials was $41.32!  Get Started! Start by cutting the wood to size!We put everything together and then sanded it down, but I would recommend sanding everything down after you cut it to size, just to save your fingers from any splinters.After you sand everything down, construct your benches with wood glue first and then nail or screw it together for extra reinforcement. Finish off any edges with caulking to make the transitions between pieces smooth. Finally… the fun part! Paint! We found using a roller brush looked nicer than the paint strokes that were left on the benches from a traditional brush. If had were to do it again, I would use spray paint for easier application.  Finished Product! I love how simple, chic and modern these turned out. They are also very comfortable and versatile. It’s so easy to grab these and bring them into the living room if I have guests or use them as a little step ladder to get a glass on the top shelf. Best of all, they were soooo cheap compared to some stools I have come across! Let me know what you think and if you end up building similar benches!