We are half way through 2020...let that sink in. There has been so much transformation to our world- good and bad- in just six months. Think back to what you were doing six months ago and it probably feels like a totally different world.  I think this change in our world is a great lesson on how quickly we can change and evolve our own lives- our careers, relationships, bodies and souls.  Going into the second half of 2020, I believe that it is important that we focus on intentional changes, rather than the forced changes that we adjusted to in the first half. A great way to be intentional about our change is to make simple, attainable plans and a roadmap as to how we will achieve our goals.  In this post, I will be breaking my goals down into several categories for the month of July: professional, financial, health and miscellaneous. Follow the format below to help you build your own intentional goals for July!  Professional What is your biggest professional goal for the month? Where do you want to be or what do you want to have accomplished for your career by the end of the month?  What are three small steps you will take to reach this goal, when will you take those steps and how often? Will they happen every day, in the evening, or every two weeks?  My Goal I want to start taking Real Estate classes online and complete the course work by the end of the month. Step 1: I will speak with Real Estate Agents in my area to see which schools are the best to attend in the first week of July. Step 2: I will pick a curriculum that makes sense for me at the end of the first week in July.Step 3: I will sign up for the class and complete 30 minutes worth of class work in the mornings every day at 7:00am before I start work for the day.  Financial Follow the same format for this goal. What is your biggest financial goal for this month and what are three steps you will take to get you to your goal. Hint: the three steps do not need to be that complicated!  My Goal As some of you may know I have recently moved into a new apartment. I wasn’t expecting to move a month and a half early, but that is how the cards fell so I had to dig into my emergency fund in order to move. I will rebuild my $1,000 emergency fund by the end of July.Step 1: I will write a budget for the month on July 1st. Step 2: I will create an emergency fund envelope that gets me excited to fill up with money on July 1st.Step 3: I will fill up my emergency fund envelope with cash until it totals $1,000.I will do this by filling it with cash from my side hustles. I will complete at least 4 side hustle/money-making activities each week to reach my goal faster.  Health Health can be whatever area you think you need to work on most. This does not mean simply bodily health. This could mean spiritual, mental, relational, etc.  My Goal Workout three times a week. Step 1: I plan my workouts for the week at the beginning of the week. Step 2: I will lay out my workout clothes the night before my workout to be ready to go when the morning comes! Step 3: I will motivate myself with small rewards for every three workouts I complete.  Miscellaneous There are so many other goals we want to reach as human beings that do not pertain to career, money or health. For many of us, we have side projects that we enjoy, family/relationship goals we want to reach or maybe even goals for your pets!  My Goal My misc. goal this month is to clean my car once a week, every week.Step 1: I will set aside any spare change I have throughout the week to go towards funding my car washes. Step 2: I will buy any products I need to clean my car on Friday evening after I am done with work. Step 3: I will go to a carwash on Friday evenings after I am done working for the week.  Let’s start off Q3 with a plan and make this second half of the year one that will be transformative and intentional! XOXO-YPW